Welcome my new blog


Welcome to the my new blog. For those of you don't know me, my name is Joel Kreutzwieser. As on my StackExchange profile, by day I currently work as a Web Developer for Omnilogic Systems and by night I enjoy playing games and making my own games. Sounds pretty ordinary, doesn't it. I guess what makes me a little more special is in September of 2015, leaving for Osaka in Japan in the hopes of finding a job for a few years.

Moving to Japan

What brought on this move? Well, many factors: personal relations, sense of adventure, and I'm not tied down. The idea of going to Japan to visit has been in my head for many years, but I just never had the reason to go. Now, with my being done university and saved up some money. Now seems to be a good time to go. So I'm taking off, hoping to make this the adventure of a life time. If you want to follow along with just the adventure to Japan save the link.


I'll also be leaving updates about my programming experiences on here. And maybe the odd talking about games. I am not a complete expert in anything but I do like to learn as much as possible, so I'll try to share both my successes and failures.

Blog Technology

Speaking about programming. This blog is running on Ghost which is a super cool new system running on top NodeJS. NodeJS is an amazing new technology which allows helps building fast and lightweight JavaScript applications. I am hoping to master utilizing NodeJS to build amazing applications in the future. Stay tuned to see some examples.