More Updates Inbound

Hello everyone. It's been quite on here lately, mainly because life got in the lay and laziness is plentiful. I'm back in Osaka again, and thanks to the Working Holiday Program for Young Canadians I am here for longer term!

I'm going to try to give a weekly personal update, but not a lot happens in my life right now. I'm going to collect some picture from my exploring though so everyone can see what it is like here. Otherwise I spend most of my days on my computer or studying. I am attending a school for a few months in April in the hopes of making my Japanese at least passable. Hopefully that goes well.

Since my last post, I've gone back to Canada for Christmas holidays and then came back to Japan on the 10th of February. Since then I feel I haven't done much since it has already been eleven days since. This week I do have a few things planned so hopefully next week's post is more exciting.