A little bit about Momogaike Park

Near my house there is a nice little park called 桃ヶ池公園, or in English, Momogaike Park. It is pretty small, but it not only lends itself to the name of the chō I live in. It might just look like a little average city green space, but it has a long history and one of the hot locations in Osaka to see cherry blossoms.

Momogaike Park

Officially, the park was established in October 25th, 1933 as part of the urban planning of the area. However, before then the Momogaike Shrine existed since the 1780s. There appears to be a legend surrounding the shrine, but my copy is fragmented and my translation is poor. The legend has to deal with the Prince Shōtoku who is said to of commissioned or built many of the temples in the Kansai area.

Information on the Park and the Shrine are pretty scarce on internet, especially in English. The official site doesn't appear to exist anymore. I'm going to try to do more hunting down of some resources and when the cherry blossoms come out I'll include pictures and more details of the park.

If you wish to see more pictures of the park please go to Momogaike Park Album where you can see all the photos I have taken.