First Post from Osaka

We've made it! Well, we made it a few days ago, but things have been busy. Our first few nights we stayed at APA Hotel Tennoji-Ekime. It was a nice hotel, but kind of small. Actually, it was really small, we couldn't even open our suitcases in the room. That's okay though, it was nice and staying near Tennoji was neat. Tennoji is one of the main hub stations and next to the school Natasha is going to.
APA Hotel Room

However, now we are in our apartment, and it is quite nice. It comes with two tatami mat rooms, a living/dining room, a small kitchen, and a bathroom area. For those of you who don't know what a tatami mat is, it is like a straw floor, though I think ours are made out of plastic, that create a soft bed that you but the mattress or futon on for sleeping. It has taken some getting use to for sleeping on, but I'm getting used to it. Might look at getting another set of futon so that it is a little softer though. Our second tatami mat room will likely contain our table with a heater, a kotatsu, for eating and drinking at. We've got a few things on order that arrive next week, but until then our apartment looks pretty sparse.

We live near both a JR Rail station and a subway station, and keep finding new stores and restaurants every day that we didn't know about. I use Google Maps a lot for getting around, but it's listing of the shops and stores it pretty lack luster. Once I get more familiar with the area, I'll be able to talk about it more.

Natasha does most of the talking at stores, though I have gone out the odd time by myself and still get what I need done. Starting on Monday, Natasha will be in classes so it will be a little more interesting of a journey.

For now, I have a gallery up that shows a little bit of our journey to Osaka, so please enjoy.